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Injury Prevention

Who is Injury Prevention for?

Nothing is more frustrating for an active person than becoming injured and not being able to continue the activity that you love. Whether your an athlete about to start a new season, or an adult planning to increase your activity level, it’s important to make sure your body is prepared to handle the added training. We create individualized programs to reduce your risk of injury.

Our Program


Based on your needs, our personal trainer will create a personalized training plan to increase your speed, strength, and flexibility. The injury prevention program consists of four steps:

  1. We use the Functional Movement Screen to determine your movement efficiency and risk of injury.

  2. We create a customized program based on the Functional Movement Screen and the latest research pertaining to your sport or activity.

  3. You attend one-on-one sessions with a movement and performance expert.

  4. We use the Frequent Functional Movement Screens throughout the program to track progress.

Start Your Injury Prevention Program

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