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Group Classes


Improve your flexibility and balance as you flow through a variety of traditional standing and seated postures.  All ability levels are welcome.  You will leave the class feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. * This is now a virtual class

1st Yoga Class

Drop-In Class

10-Pack of Yoga Classes

Bootcamp - Coming Soon!

A challenging, yet motivating workout for all ages and athletic abilities.  This high-intensity class targets full body strengthening, core stability, aerobic training, and calorie burn.  Each class begins with a dynamic warm-up and ends with stretching and/or foam rolling. 

Core Stability - Coming Soon!

This 30-min class is designed to improve your overall core stability with abdominal strengthening and low back endurance exercises.  Unlike other abdominal strengthening classes, we draw from research to isolate the most important muscles while avoiding strain through the low back.  Please consult one of our physical therapists if you have back pain prior to taking this class.

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