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Our Services

Our Physical Therapists improve your physical capabilities from head to toe.

Personalized program based on a Functional Movement Screen.

Our variety of classes include bootcamp, yoga, and core training.

Limited gym memberships available.

Computerized concussion management tool.


Physical Therapy

  • All of our Physical Therapists earned their Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

  • All of our treatment plans are personalized to your needs.

  • We are experts in manual therapy techniques,
                              neuromuscular re-education,
                              gait training
                              therapeutic exercises,
                              therapeutic activities,
                              and patient education.

  • We have seen it all, including:
                              Achilles Tendonitis

                              ACL and MCL Tears
                              Ankle Sprains
                              Back and Neck Pain
                              Dizziness or Vestibular Conditions
                              IT Band Syndrome
                              Lateral Epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
                              Medial Epicondylitis (golfer's elbow)
                              Osgood Shlatters
                              Plantar Fasciitis
                              Rotator Cuff Tears
                              ...and many, many more.


Injury Prevention

  • For youth athletes who want to prevent injuries as they advance in their sport.

  • For adults who are planning to increase their activity levels.

    Our program:

  1. The Functional Movement Screen to determine your movement efficiency and risk of injury.

  2. A customized program based on the functional movement screen and the latest research pertaining to your sport or activity.

  3. One-on-one sessions with a Personal Trainer.

  4. Frequent functional movement screens throughout the program to track progress.


Group Fitness Classes


A challenging, yet motivating workout for all ages and athletic abilities.  This high-intensity class targets full body strengthening, core stability, aerobic training, and calorie burn.  Each class begins with a dynamic warm-up and ends with stretching and/or foam rolling. 

Coming Soon

Core Stability

This 30-min class is designed to improve your overall core stability with abdominal strengthening and low back endurance exercises.  Unlike other abdominal strengthening classes, we draw from research to isolate the most important muscles while avoiding strain through the low back.  Please consult one of our physical therapists if you have back pain prior to taking this class.

Coming Soon


Improve your flexibility and balance as you flow through a variety of traditional standing and seated postures.  All ability levels are welcome.  You will leave the class feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Special class at Flight Deck Brewing 8/10! More info on our facebook page Dynamic PTSC.

Team Sports Training

We design custom training programs for individuals and teams.  We will help improve your performance while preventing injuries for your upcoming season.  Please call us for more information and pricing.


Gym Memberships

  • Limited memberships available.

  • Members have access to all gym equipment and locker rooms.


Pricing and details coming soon!


ImPACT Testing

(Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) 

Beyond Rest...

  • Research strongly supports physical therapy as an important part of concussion treatment.

  • Treatments are tailored to individual symptoms and ImPACT testing results.

  • Post-injury and baseline tests available.

  • For more information on ImPACT click here.